Monday March 1, 2010

Obligatory First Post.

First day, a short intro to the semester and a bit of homework - set up a blog... Tada!

This is my first exploration of blogging myself, no doubt I’ll be tweaking the design and layout over time and possibly change the name and bio information.

I hope to make this utterly readable and enjoyable to all, not just those that have to review it or those that are familiar with the course that I’m doing or the concepts and projects that I will be dealing with in the future.

Blogs have to be readable and interesting, and I enjoy communicating ideas, especially complex ones in a way that is easily accessible to all people. If you can’t relay an idea, it’s either not very good, not developed, or you don’t understand it much yourself.

So enjoy (I hope).

Read the bio and about links of this blog to see what on earth it has been created for.