Sunday March 6, 2011

Orientation week.

I'm not entirely sure that we're supposed to keep our blog, but I think we probably are. The week just been has consisted of two classes every day. In the morning we learn Dreamweaver and HTML/CSS basics. The goal is that by end of semester we have an online portfolio to present as static HTML/CSS. I think it will be marked too. So I've found that class a bit cruisy given that I already do web design. I created a website for my sister over the break, every time I create a website I try to implement a new trick. This time around it was to abandon Flash at all costs and create great HTML with the best CSS I've ever written and some javascript animations. But the neat trick for me was implementing basic AJAX. Clicking on menu links slides down a div and then the page loads more HTML from the server. I could link to the site but the actual design was micromanaged and I think it looks a bit tacky.

In the afternoons, both Year 2 (us) and Year 3 were audience to "Project Pitches". These were studio projects proposed by staff and then by students and we're to choose one to be a part of. We'll have one project per semester and possibly lasting as long as the year depending on what it is.

They were quite broad range, but the one that appealed to me the most was a real-world project for the Department of Conservation. It involves using technology to identify various species roaming around in the forest and perhaps if possible identify individuals in that species. The handout we were given in the beginning of the week outlining the projects didn't sell that one particularly well. The idea of using an ipad to detect paw prints was in the outline and it seemed rather unworkable. But that was only an idea it turned out. The actual project is to come up with methods of detection, which may or may not include some ipad technology.

We were to write down our top 3 projects, what we could bring to the table and why we wanted to do it. A real-world project appealed to me as did one that requires results. Something I've always strived to achieve as a worker.

The other projects I wrote down was a short film for the  web, though I can see that causing me grief and a very open-ended one called the Happiness Machine which is more of an art exhibition and social commentary on consumerism. Well that appeals on several levels and was made even more so when the pitch referred to the Documentary "The Century of the Self" by Adam Curtis. A brilliant Doco.

Anyway that was largely the week. I've moved recently and have more space though it's more expensive to get to class, fortunately I'm employed again in my old profession.

This year I will make a few small changes to the blog, one which comes to mind right now is an idea I was floating late last year: name names. If I refer to people I will name them. It just makes it easier and probably more interesting.