Wednesday April 11, 2012

Animation and Moving Images

I'm not even sure if I will update my blog on this subject. It's an elective that I'm doing and so far I'm not happy with it. It's on character development and producing fluid animations of that character. Sounds great but it requires the use of Maya. Which is wonderful but I first have to teach myself the program. We received scant instruction in class. I'd drop this paper if I could, it will just interfere with the other papers at this rate. We'll see.

    Friday April 20, 2012


While doing Digital Cinema Studies I've also been watching training videos on Maya. They have been rather good in demystifying the application, which is incredibly complex. Demystifying is only half the battle. So now it doesn't look like some alien spaceship and I can work out what it does, how it works and how tasks are broken up. I still can't really use it. I could try but I really need to do some actual making tutorials. I think I'll understand them much better though having watched the videos that I watched. It's like learning phonetics before trying to learn a language. You'll be better at it if you learn the building blocks. Our animation teacher resigned to take on a commercial role so that leaves it all up in the air anyway. That actually leaves me with hope. The new tutor has sent out a questionnaire to get a feel for things. I'm going to give very direct feedback. It's rather unfair to have been loaded with such a heavy project with heavy expectations in a heavy application for a 15 point paper when I have other things to do and not even know the first thing.

    Monday May 28, 2012

You Never Can Tell

Our new tutor was pretty good and made made us feel a little bit more comfortable with the paper. ut we still had to produce an animation. I clung onto an early lesson where she bought in video onto a 2D plane in Maya and one could follow the action frame by frame as a template.

I decided to do John Travolta dancing to "You Never Can Tell" I did 505 frames. It was complex and I couldn't really add much more in the time I had. I rendered it this weekend, 3 times over from different cameras and multi-cammed it in premiere. I handed it in today, though not with a character stylesheet which just seemed like a pointless addition that was orphaned from a project that really became all about animating a pre-rigged character in maya. Then Jackie told me that was worth 30% of the mark. They should change that, it's really pointless.

It's done and I'm happy with the result.