Picture of Chris Clifton

I'm interested in way too many things. The arts and humanities and science and engineering, but then business and finance is also interesting.

But of course one can't be well versed in everything...

For emplyment, I worked in prepress for about 10 or so years, and I currently work at a printing company - sometimes given prepress overflow work.

I had a 4-year haitus (sort of, I mean, you still have to earn a living..) when I did Creative Technologies (Hons) at AUT.

For the last few years, I've also being doing frontend and backend web development using PHP, Javascript/CSS. I've also extended myself to learn other web development technologies such as React.

At home I have multiple projects on the go, for example, iOS development using Swift, Electronics and electrical engineering, building things for the home, musical pursuits with various instruments, learning a wide range of arts subjects, maths, history, politics, computer science... I like to learn and apply.

Note:  This portfolio is still a work in progress, not all content has been added yet.