Alliance Print

While I was busy with adding a new requested feature to the the online ordering site and dealing with generator, an SEO company had knocked on Alliance Print's door with tales of Google magic.

The company used their services to get a new and more relevant website since the current site at the time had been up since 2004 and looked like it was from the 90s. They went away for a few months and came back with a new site and and account set up with Google Adwords. We weren't overly impressed with the site's appearance but it did have a call to action on every page and Google Adwords started bringing a couple of enquiries every day so that kept management happy, despite the expense.

When I had a bit more time up my sleeve, I started re-building the site using my new test bed, Bolt CMS. I used the existing copy and photographs, and essentially layed it out in much the same way, but with more refinement. I started re-learning about the current state of SEO and applied my findings. When the site was near completion, management at Alliance were becoming more interested in moving away from the expensive hosting of the current site and due to some difficulty with the company that created the site, and the communication, we dropped adwords completely. The site has remained and even ranked higher than previously on various search terms, and the enquiries are still coming in.

I have future plans, aside from a possible redesign, I want to add a blog, partner linking, a portfolio of work and testimonials. For now the site is doing it's job well enough.