I was an active community member and forum moderator for this site in the early 2000s. I helped to popularise it with a unique but somewhat accidental marketing campaign early on, by giving out Smiley stickers which started off as a mystery to many night-lifers but quickly became associated with the site. The site waned in popularity going into the 2010s, not helped by bugs and lack of spam protection. 

As my confidence had increased I offered to fix some of the long standing bugs. The site owner however had other ideas, and had been quietly building a CMS site in Joomla because he wanted to take control away from developers that could come and go. The initial site was custom built on top of CodeIgniter. So what I wound up signing up for was porting gigabytes of content over. I did however remake the forums in the image of the CodeIgniter site and I ported over all of the database, removing spam in the process.

Getting the photo gallery over was not trivial, as there was about 14 years worth of photographs, indexed by year, month, day, event. 50gb in total. The gallery plugins in Joomla lacked documentation and some of the columns in the database were completely bewildering as to what purpose they served, and how. I did spot a pattern though and wrote a script that emulated the final result of all the photos being up, and that did work. All photos were also enlarged in Photoshop to a new 1000px size using Photoshop actions.

All links in threads were fixed to point to other threads or photosets.

The original site was spread over three servers, the server that the original database was hosted on crashed the day before I got to it. I wound up downloading the raw files and rebuilding the database from that.

I originally had plans to revive the site with loads of good ideas, but once it was in Joomla, and a version that can only run on PHP5.3, and it just.wont.upgrade, I was done with it.