Silly video.

This just came about when I was demonstrating GarageBand to my girlfriend, Victoria. She had just told me a story about a friend of hers who sometimes works in California. Her friend's American mates laughed at the way she said 'bottle' (as in bot, or robot, and il, as in ill, as opposed to the way Californians say it which is baaahtil). I recorded Victoria saying 'bottle', and 'no' and mucked around with it.

For no particular reason we made a video with a bunch of bottles from the fridge. Then we added things that we thought were stupid at the time, Donald Trump running for president, Peter Dunne having anything to do with drug laws, Martin Shkreli and car window washers. And now, for no particular reason, it's in my portfolio and probably shouldn't be. But it is. And it will stay.