Productive Employment Relations

Right, so, full disclosure, the lawyer was my sister. She had decided to go into business for herself and needed a website set up. And the domain and hosting. I was a student at the time, and not even sure that I wanted to do other people's websites.

I was asked to make something with animation, something spinny... I wasn't really sure where to go from there, and at the time my skills were not well developed. I just knew that it was 2011 and I didn't want to use Flash. I found a weird carousel script and modified it. That was that. However, at the time I was still trying to put in the practice the idea that every time I do a website, I learn something new.

I'm pretty sure this was the website that I tried to code up ajax requests. It was pulling static content, but it was still a single page site making XMLHttpRequests. Also, the slide-down was coded up from scratch. It took me a night to get it to work. Only a couple of months later I was told about JQuery.