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After a brief introduction to iOS and Objective-C, we were asked to create an application of some sort that didn't crash or leak too much memory.

The paper was called Design and Data Structures, and a follow up to the first programming paper called Programming for Creativity (using a language called Processing - I got an A by the way). An iPhone app developer was bought in to take the class. After some introduction to Objective C and Cocoa Touch, we were to build an iPhone application.

My game was based on Simon, it would create a pattern at random, slowly incrementing it by one tone each time. The options screen didn't work at hand-in time, but I was really working outside of the requirements of the project by that time. I still got an A for it, which i think was quite rare for that paper as it was too advanced for year one students and was replaced with something a bit easier the following years.

Main image
Options screen
Options screen