Final Formative

We had a final critique session last week. I seemed to have a few breakthroughs and spent many hours building the registration, the location awareness and writing that to the database and then the listing of people nearby. As the assessment loomed closer I kept working on the app. I should have perhaps worked more on some of my conceptual underpinnings of the project, but I really wanted to be able to demonstrate the app. I spent a lot of time scratching my head and searching for answers to bug that just should not have been happening in the first place. Some really basic form validation to make sure that certain fields (username, password and email) were actually filled out. Further validation was done on the server, but javascript took care of the initial validation. It kept returning false (saying they weren't filled out) no matter what I did. I tried so many different things and the code should have worked. So I sort of suspect the bug wasn't mine. Not the first time this has happened, I couldn't get user authentication to work properly and I think it boils down to Mobile Safari and something about it's cookie handling. Despite these problems I worked around them to produce something that sort of worked to a script and I demonstrated it. I also cobbled together my many thoughts on the app and the landscape surrounding my reasons for producing such a thing and some of the non-development research I've been doing. I'll post more on that a bit later.

The crit went rather well.